What’s In A Name?

After finding out that Hubs and I were moving to Vienna, Austria back in November, I knew I wanted to start a blog about the adventures we were about to embark. However, it has taken me awhile to invent a name that stuck and described me in two words. It couldn’t be Vienna based either, because what if we end up elsewhere and wanted to continue blogging? I enlisted family and friends for help, but even their creative juices weren’t enough. It had to be personal and special to me.

So as I sit here nursing a cold (which Hubs gave to me), it suddenly hit me! I wanted to incorporate my heritage in the name somehow. Taiwanese/Twinkie_______ was too cheesy and I didn’t want people to think I had some sort of obsession with Twinkies (yellow on the outside and white on the inside)  if I had used the now retired Hostess treat in the title.

“Formosa” is a historically given name by the Portuguese when they discovered the island of Taiwan. The name literally translates to “beautiful island”. PERFECT! So now what word to completely sum up my life? Hubs loves the word ‘serendipity’ and I consider the next phase in my life a stroke of fortunate luck. THAT’S IT! I FINALLY FOUND IT! And so it begins…

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