After spending the last few days flat hunting, we finally found “the one”! I had scheduled us to see Flat #1 the day after we arrived. We did the usual look around and spoke with the owner and left. However, we stood on the other side of the street for a good ten minutes and gave each other the “what the heck are we waiting for? let’s do this!”. So we went back up and verbally told the owner that we wanted the flat. Yes, we LOVED it that much. There were four other properties left to see and we kept those appointments. But one after the other, it was apparent that nothing compared to Flat #1. During this time, the contract was written up and had to be translated by the U.N. housing department. So in the short time span of four days, we signed on the dotted line yesterday. YAY! *doing the happy dance*. We will officially be handed over the flat on February 1st. Now here’s to hoping our shipments arrive within the next two weeks, so that we can FINALLY settle into our lives here in Vienna!
Here are some pictures of the exterior our building…how flippin’ lucky are we?!?!
Gorgeous architecture! This building was built in the 1800’s.

We have the top floor penthouse apartment. It has TWO terraces overlooking beautiful Vienna and vineyards.

Beautiful entrance

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