Appliance Adventure

We got the keys to our flat today! 

Before moving here, we had to get rid of a lot of our small appliances due to the voltage difference. Thankfully, we had gracious friends and family who gave them new homes. So after obtaining our keys today, we went out to buy a few to bring back to our new place. It was quite an adventure carrying them and using public transit. There was a slight moment of “a car would have been easier”, but that quickly disappeared. It’s really just a slight inconvenience, because it’s not like we will be buying these everyday for the next three years. Still LOVE not having a car!
Can’t live without a Nepresso machine, steam iron, and vacuum cleaner. All of which are made in Switzerland, France and Germany respectfully.  None of that “Made in China” B.S.

 Stay tuned for “before” pictures of our gorgeous new place…

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