Random Acts of Kindness

I would consider myself a keen observer of many things.  In just the three weeks here, I’ve realized that Austrians are very thoughtful, but reserved people. On several occasions, I’ve seen many nice things that people do for one another here. A blind man trying to board a tram, and two people jump out of their seats and help him up the steps and offer him one of their seats.  We were running for the tram with our arms full of home stuff.  A lady saw us from across the street and held the door for us even though she wasn’t getting on the tram herself. I couldn’t thank her enough. Elders and expectant moms are respected, and have specials seats on public transit dedicated to them. People get up for them even if they aren’t in those seats.  I thrive on small gestures like these. It makes my heart my smile when people go out of their way to do something so nice for others. 

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