Yogurts Galore!

Before moving here, I thought that the yogurt section at Whole Foods was impressive. I was wrong. It’s not that there’s more selection here, it’s the presentation too. My sister told me that there’s a whole aisle dedicated to yogurts when she was in France. And after exploring a few grocery stores here, I’ve concluded that the Europeans take their yogurts seriously. Yesterday, I found a few new “fancy” ones to try. I know people may find this uninteresting, but the presentation is what I find so fascinating. The yogurts not only look great, but taste great too. In my opinion, they are not sugary sweet and artificial tasting like a lot of the ones in the States. It’s the little things, right? Happy Tuesday everyone!

l-r: Swiss yogurt, Italian yogurt, organic yogurts that are staples in our fridge, and French yogurt
This one is from France and is in a CERAMIC container!!!
yogurt in glass containers!!!

Not yogurts, but these are from Italy and are in cute GLASS jars!

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