Bucket List: European Edition (Year 1, Part One)

Before the thoughts of moving abroad crossed our minds, we had tentative plans of places we wanted to go in our five year plan. We were getting ready for our yearly trip to finish off our last inhabited continent at the end of 2012.  That all changed a month before our departure when we found out that we were moving to Europe.

During the two extremely crazy months of packing up our lives, selling our cars, figuring out what to do with our house, and both working full time – a lot of questions were raised of where we would go during our time here. We were so stressed to the point where we couldn’t think straight, let alone dream of the places we’d go!

It’s been nearly four months since our arrival and those intense months are somewhat of a distant memory. We’re still settling in and have already started to draft our three year travel plans. Before we took on this chapter of our lives, we were lucky enough to have traveled to most of the popular destinations in Europe. Now, our main focus is to get to the places that are a little off the beaten path and maybe revisit some old favorites. We are both very excited to be checking off a few of those places in the next two months.

Can you guess where we’ll be?


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