Lovely London (Part Two)

London has so much to offer. In just a few days we packed in a play on the West End, had real high tea surrounded by locals and not tourists, saw a few Harry Potter sights, and Harrods.  Hubs got to see all the famous landmarks and I got to see them from a different perspective as well.  It was truly an amazing time.

We were both sad to get back on the plane and come back to grumpy town. As soon as we boarded, I was seated next to an older Austrian man. He was huffing about the fact that he had to get up to let me into my seat. That was the moment that I realized it was back to reality. A reality that I’m not sure I can stay optimistic in for three years-at least this week. I wonder if I will become just as crabby at the end of all of this?

The famous Harrods Department Store! Interior pictures below.
Memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed inside Harrods
The famous Abbey Road
The Queen was not home, so we got to be in the guard posts 🙂

cool display of antique Singer sewing machines in a clothing store

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