Stadtpark on Sunday

Sundays have always been our “catch up” day even before we moved here. Back stateside, it was a day of running errands, laundry, cooking for the week, getting work clothes ready, etc. We never made plans on our calendars nor wanted to venture out. It was the only time that we could get a lot of things done without worrying about the next workday.

Living in a predominately Catholic country where everything shuts down on Sundays, it has reinforced our usual routine minus the running of errands. And with nice weather like today, it gives us opportunities to explore the numerous parks in the city. We went on a leisurely stroll in Stadtpark and then walked over to Cafe Sacher for some eiskaffee and pastries. Now it’s back to catching up for the coming week. Wishing everyone a pleasant week!

“whoever feeds pigeons, feed rats!” (meanwhile, you see little kiddies nearby feeding the ducks and pigeons)

random “pond” with penguins

statue of Johann Strauss

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