Hundertwasser Haus

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a well known architect. He became one of the best-known contemporary Austrian artists. In my opinion, his work is comparable to Antoni Gaudi. Although, I personally prefer Gaudi’s work over his.

Our temporary apartment was situated a block away from the famous Hundertwasser Haus, yet we never had the chance to go look at it. We were so focused on trying to find our permanent place and it was during the coldest time of the year. Since we were meeting friends for dinner in the area, we had the chance to walk around and finally check it out.

And of course I’m always on the lookout for clean bathrooms and this sign piqued my interest. It’s  the most expensive (0.60 cents) and the filthiest pay-for restrooms I’ve ever been to. Maybe I went during an off day? The design is cool and all, but if I’m paying to use the toilet, it better have an attendant cleaning after every use and shiny toilets! 

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