Smoker’s Paradise

This is one of the things that I absolutely abhor here! It’s everywhere. You have to watch where you’re going on the streets sometimes, hoping not to get a burn mark on your clothing or purse. We try to avoid restaurants that allow it, but then that would really narrow down our choices. Thankfully, most of the places we go are non smoking anyway. 

Our worst experience of smoking in enclosed spaces was in Salzburg.  Based on several recommendations we decided to check out a restaurant where locals love to go. However, we didn’t realize that smoking was prevalent until it was too late. We were sandwiched between two tables of smokers. Wonderful. Not only did they smoke, but went right to their next smoke after they had just finished one! This made for one of the most unpleasant meal experiences for us. So we ate really fast and left. I felt sick and smelled of smoke. No one should feel and smell that way unless you are coming out of a bar or club. 

From what I’ve heard they have tried to enforce a smoking ban in restaurants, but Austrians (who are notorious for not liking change) refused. So now they have “pseudo” non smoking areas (usually separated by a glass door or on the other side of the restaurant) in a lot of the food establishments. At the Vienna airport, I noticed that there are futuristic cubes for smokers too. I haven’t seen anything like that before (at airports especially). I don’t have a problem with smokers, but I do have a problem when I have to inhale it with my meals. Guess it’s another thing to get used to around here.

Interesting fact: Did you know Austria has the highest percentage of smokers in the world

3 thoughts on “Smoker’s Paradise

  1. Ah, yes. The Smokers. I chuckle when we dine out here and are escorted through the smoking section in order to get to the “Nicht Rauchen” tables. We try to avoid the more enclosed restaurants where smoking is permitted, too. I don't desire a dry cleaning tab for my clothes on top of a dinner tab, either.

    But, it's all part of the adventure. We suffer here, and they suffer when they visit the US. I think the smokers all help to keep Austria's health care costs low–they die at younger ages. 😉

  2. Ugh! That is so disgusting.,I remember Atlanta airport use to have smoking rooms, looked like fish tanks filled with smoke. I walked in one once and it smelled disgusting like ash. It is very nasty sitting next to smokers!

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