Budapest (Part Three)

What can I say, Budapest has really surprised me. Hungarian is a language on its own. I learned during our trip that because it’s not derived from any other languages, people have to know a second and, sometimes, a third language. Almost everyone we came across spoke English quite fluently (better than the Viennese). This city and its people have a rebellious spirit. They’ve always bucked tradition and want to move on to new things. It’s very apparent with their food. Maybe it was also because we were steered away from all the tourist traps, but the food was fantastic. Amazingly inventive. We’ve had some of our best meals there.

Quick side note.  Budapest was host to the first McDonalds behind the “Iron Curtain”.  You can read more about it here if you want:

Public transit: The older lines have the communist era cars running the tracks, but really cute looking stations.

Street signs and a post box


And lastly, you would think that this was a lot of money right? Nope! It’s equivalent to about $44. Those forints make you feel rich!

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