I never thought of myself as a great writer. It always took me a great deal of time to write papers in school. Will my writing style captivate my audience? Am I as witty as other expat bloggers? So it was natural that I felt apprehensive to start a blog and write about our adventures abroad. However, I got over that fear quickly and continue to truck along. My initial motivation for this was to have a “forever journal” of our experiences and to connect our family and friends to what we are up to.

And as I sit here writing my 100th post, it’s been more than that for me. It has encouraged me to learn new things, help me grow in many ways, and let me relive the experiences as I document our adventures for interested readers. Not to mention, it keeps my writing skills in check. Since living here, I feel like my vocabulary has been dwindling and sometimes I forget words here and there. It’s a commonality amongst us expats, especially when residing in a country that English is not the spoken tongue.

Thank you to all my loyal readers and continued support throughout our crazy adventures.  And if there’s any other topics I haven’t covered yet, I would love to hear suggestions!

Here’s to another 100 posts!

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