The Viennese love their “ice cream”. Without A/C, it’s a delightful reprieve for anyone.  When you’re walking the streets of the 1st district, every other person is enjoying a cone or cup. There’s always a queue at the popular “eissalons”.  Here, there’s no such thing as what we Americans call ice cream, it’s almost all gelato or sorbet. What’s the difference you ask? Gelato has less fat and air churned into it and uses more milk than cream. That makes me feel a little better for our (multiple) weekend indulgences of this delicious treat.

We found this “old school” gelato parlour in the 10th district. I especially love the cute uniforms and diner-like setting. It has A/C too, which is a big plus!

We also discovered St. Anton Church around the corner. The facade is gorgeous, but were disappointed with the more “modern” interior. It’s because this church was bombed twice in WWII and when it was rebuilt, they left it white due to the lack of funds.

              Right outside of the church, you can see old tram/train tracks that are no longer in use.

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