Leisurely Day in Linz

Linz is the 3rd largest city in Austria and is situated about 19 miles away from the Czech Republic border. This city was founded by the Romans. A fabulous day trip from Vienna, as it only took one hour and 20 minutes on the train.

Mariä-Empfängnis-Dom (St Mary’s Cathedral)  is the largest church in Austria. This neo-Gothic church impresses with its tower, which is only a few feet lower than St. Stephen’s Cathedral here in Vienna. Hubs and I were overwhelmed with its beauty and size. Absolutely a must if anyone plans on going to Linz!

Pöstlingberg is one of the landmarks of Linz. The main attraction at the top of the hill is the parish church and pilgrimage basilica called “Seven Sorrows of Our Lady”. The location is popular for weddings, in fact, we saw one being set up while visiting. The views were amazing and reachable by tram that you catch from the city center.


Never seen a real-life Foghorn Leghorn until now! I always thought that roosters only crow in the mornings, not this one…he was quite vocal midday.

 And lastly,  we stumbled upon a awesome exhibit at the  OÖ Kulturquartier. The exhibit is called HÖHENRAUSCH.3, runs until October 13th and was by far the highlight of our trip! It was a very interactive contemporary illustration of many international artists. Even a Taiwanese one! That was so thrilling to us. 
Really cool  “Counterfeit” part of the exhibit that demonstrates how “copied” popular brands have spread like a bad disease.

Lunch Blox anyone?
“Upper Austria Tower” that rises 31 meters from the top of the building. 

Taiwanese artist’s exhibit

Bell Towers

We were “photo bombed”.

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