Technisches Museum Wien

Vienna has over 100 museums. There are major ones filled with tourists and little quirky ones, too, that not many people visit. I’ll admit, Hubs and I haven’t been to many, but it’s definitely on the list of to-dos while we’re living here. With fall weather in full force, and days getting shorter, I have a feeling that our weekends will consist of more museum hopping. The great thing about museums here is that “yearly memberships” are relatively affordable; and by going 2 or 3 times, you make up for the cost of individual tickets. For example, the admission for the Technical Museum is 10 euros and the cost for the yearly membership is 24 euros. It’s a no-brainier, and now, we are members. It’s an awesome museum situated in the 15th district, near Schönbrunn Palace and the Zoo. We specifically went for the temporary “Robots” exhibit and had a lot of fun.

Really cool looking entrance/lobby

Entering the exhibit

There’s a a really cool interactive part the exhibit and we took part in it!

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