Lange Nacht der Museen

A lot of European cities have a long standing tradition of “night at the museums”. For a very affordable price, you get access to a huge list of museums and they’re open into the wee hours. Hubs and I did it in Budapest, missed it by a week in Prague, and now we’ve crossed Vienna off our list.  We had so much fun that we’ve talked about making a yearly tradition out of it; as long as we’re here.  Hubs and I made it through seven museums this year, which was more than we anticipated. Some were good and others – let’s just say that we’re glad we didn’t waste our time (or money) making a special trip.

After tackling the first few, we had to refuel…

Back at it…

There was an old style tram from the year 1929 that ran especially for the night. Maybe it was to compensate for the fact the tram museum is closed for renovations this year.  Regardless, it was so great to see old ads and how the conductors yell stop names. It was blast from the past on tracks. A highlight!

As someone who is deathly afraid of going to the dentist, I surprised myself that I would consider going to this museum. Even the place smelled like a dentist’s office!

Just sitting in “the chair” sends me into a frenzy!

One thought on “Lange Nacht der Museen

  1. Fun! The Bohemian Forest Museum and the Museum of Social and Economic Affairs were our intended targets, but we didn't make it. Tony was jetlagged from a transatlantic flight, and our daughter was en route home from a cross-country tournament in the Salzkammergut. So it was steaks on the grill and Slingbox television for our “Lange Nacht” this year!

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