Commissary to the rescue!

There’s a commissary on the grounds of the U.N. It’s basically like a grocery store filled with comfort foods and familiar products from all over the world for its employees and families. We get a lot of our dry and frozen goods from there. A perk is that employees can make requests to the product suggestions department. Hubs was missing a particular brand of breakfast sausage from home so much, he made a request back in March or April. To our surprise, it was approved and now we’ve had our nitrate and preservative free goodness to accompany our breakfasts in the mornings.

Then Hubs complained that there’s no variety in beer here.  What!?!? How is that possible in the land of beer you ask? You want a lager or wiess beer? There’s plenty of that around here. Looking for a stout that’s not Guinness, an IPA of sorts, or a frou-frou micro brew creation? You’re so completely out of luck. So his next request? Flying Dog variety pack, which is from a local Maryland brewery. Maryland/Virginia/DC area expats who love beer would appreciate this! And surprisingly, it was also approved. Hubs was practically skipping (seriously) into the house today, toting a box. He said there were only two boxes of it and he had to jump on it before they’re gone…

5 thoughts on “Commissary to the rescue!

  1. LOL. The only thing that I've gotten desperate enough to buy on Amazon is a crockpot from the U.K. site. My husband has requested a few other things at the commissary and I just roll my eyes and go with it 😉 There's no substitute for Maryland blue crabs though, but I can wait til home leave and eat to my heart's content then 🙂

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