‘Behind the Scenes’ Wiener Rathaus

After moving here, I joined all sorts of expat clubs and get emails of certain events and happenings around town. Tonight, Hubs and I went on an insider’s English tour of the City Hall in Vienna (aka Wiener Rathaus), which was an event coordinated by Expat Club Vienna.  This building is massive and with 1,575 rooms, we only got to see maybe 10%. It was really cool to see the Council Chamber, Festival Hall, Coat of Arms Hall, Grand Staircase and having cocktail hour in the Senate Chamber. All in all, we were really impressed and were so happy to mingle with other expats from all walks of life.

Festival Hall all set up for a non-public event
Council Chambers

This chandelier is 5 meters in diameter and weighs 3.5 tons!

Not a bad spot to enjoy cocktail hour!
Gorgeous ceiling!!!

Grand Staircase

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