Anyone for tennis?

Since becoming city dwellers, we have come to really appreciate city life.  Everything is easily accessible.  Seeing as our time here is limited, Hubs and I are trying to cram in as many events and activities as possible that we can get to.  More so than we ever made ourselves do back home. This has solidified where we want to be in our future; living in the inner part of a city. Just to make it a point, we went to the Erste Open final game today. Tennis has never been something that I would go out of my way to do or see, but since we are ten minutes from the arena and the title game was on a Sunday- it was a no brainier. Hubs and I had a great time seeing a match between players from Germany and the Netherlands. It’s no Wimbledon (which is something we would like to do before our time is up in Europe), but it was something new to experience.

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