Taiwan Edition: Happiness in our tummies

You must be thinking “another food post? really?”. I may be biased, but I think Taiwan has the best selection of food in the world. The Taiwanese have really mastered every kind of Asian cuisine that you can ever imagine. And if you get sick of all the Asian food goodness (which is unlikely), there’s comforts for foreigners as well. More on that later. Hubs and I are truly savoring every meal, snack, and drink because we know we can’t get it as good in Vienna. I think some family members and friends may think we just got out of a jail sentence, since we’re eating everything in sight. No worries though, we’ll lose all the weight we may gain when we go back to Austria. Although, some family members have said that I’ve gotten “fat” since the last time they’ve seen me. Oh well, I just smile and eat on šŸ™‚

How can you NOT want to eat everything in sight, when it looks this good?

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