Last year was a huge milestone and with it happening in a middle of a move, I didn’t get a chance to reflect what it was like to turn 30. I thought I would’ve gone through some sort of panic attack about getting “old”, but it’s just a number. This past year has obviously been a transforming one. To be in a different place for my birthday is something I’m not quite used to. But since my family is with me in Taiwan, it feels like it has in past years. My sister and brother-in-law brought me cards from the US and treated me to dinner, I got a great birthday cake from a dear friend, Hubs has been treating me to a shopping extravaganza since being here(so much so, we had to ship about 18 pounds of old clothes to accommodate all the new stuff in our suitcases to avoid exorbitant baggage fees ), and I’m fortunate enough to be in one of my favorite places in the world. What more could I’ve asked for?

30 was met with a life-changing experience and 31 will be a continuation of that journey. I feel so blessed.

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