Christmas in Vienna (Part Two)

I got my first taste of  Christmas markets during our annual trips to NYC. Bryant Park and Columbus Circle were amongst my favorite spots. This year is our first Christmas markets experience here in Vienna. It has definitely lived up to its reputation for being world famous. You can’t even compare the ones here with the ones in NYC. It’s not like one is better than the other, they’re just entirely different. We’ve quickly narrowed down our favorites and have gone back plenty of times. Hubs has become a huge fan of the punsch and glühwein- our mug collection can attest to that! With only a week and half before we leave (again), and not returning until the new year, we will certainly be taking advantage of more Christmas market hopping between now and then. If people don’t mind the cold, this an awesome time of year to visit. Just make sure you bundle up and be prepared to empty out your pockets at market vendors.

Our 2013 Christmas mug collection

3 thoughts on “Christmas in Vienna (Part Two)

  1. Looks truly magical! I would love to check out that Christmas market in Vienna sometime. I have been to Vienna a lot but never seen it because I usually went in summer. They even managed to make a Christmas market here in Baltimore USA this year which was pretty cute.

  2. Where did the one with the heart come from? Just visiting and ran across your blog, but have become OBSESSED with collecting as many mugs as possible! Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas back home?

  3. Hi Anna!
    Thanks for visiting. The one with the heart is from Spittalberg Market. It's not at a “stand”, but looks like a to-go coffee window (but with punsch). Hope you find it! What has been your favorite one?

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