Going to the movies

Hubs and I love going to the movies. Although we don’t frequent it as much as we have in the past, we’ve certainly seen a fair amount since living here.

First off, you don’t really get gigantic screens and theaters that you can cram 100+ people into. At least not in the only two theaters in town that offer OV movies (OV=original voice/version).

Secondly, you get assigned seating. Say what? It’s not an unusual practice in other parts of the world. It didn’t even phase me, because I’ve encountered it in Taiwan and Australia. I actually think it’s brilliant. Just imagine not having to go to the theater an hour or more to stand in line to make sure you get a “good seat”. All you gotta do is just show up ten minutes before they open the doors and enjoy the show. No time wasted.

Thirdly, you can enjoy alcoholic drinks and fancy coffees in the theaters here. We had a theater that did that in Baltimore too, but it’s like that across the board here.

And lastly, the way movies that are scheduled to premiere is pretty bizarre. Sometimes, there are movies that show a week or two earlier than in the US, there are some that come a month or two later, and some that never get screen time at all. For example, we saw Iron Man 3 long before any of our friends saw it back stateside.  On the other side, Anchorman 2 was released here January 31 compared to December 18th back home.

2 thoughts on “Going to the movies

  1. Did you all go see Anchorman 2? We are waiting for DVD given the latest addition. Good run down of what to expect 🙂 Montreal did not have assigned seats but we def got to drink the movie away.

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