Tasty Tuesdays: Inaugural Post

One of the greatest things about living in a city is the ease of finding great cafes/restaurants within walking distance, or a short public transit ride away. There are so many places, so, I’ve decided to try at least one every week and blog about it. Hubs and I already have a few favorites in town and I’d like to continue to lengthen our list. Most of all, this gives me the opportunity to satisfy one of my New Year’s resolutions and dust off my Kindle (haven’t used it in months) to get some more reading in.

So, Hubs decided to join me tonight for my first cafe/restaurant post. We’ve been on a hunt for a really good burger in town and we thought we had found it last week at a place called Verde 1080. However, after tonight’s venture- we’ve found the place! And the best part is? It’s within walking distance from our place. YIPPEE!

Chiq Chaq is a fairly new place, located in the 9th district of Vienna. From what I’ve read on yelp reviews, I was immediately intrigued and put this on our short list of places to try. It didn’t disappoint! The burger to (brioche) bun ratio was perfect. Most places that I’ve been to have a problem with mastering this. Another thing that won me over? The burger itself was not tainted with mixtures of onions or other unnecessary spices/flavorings. It was truly a real American burger patty, but made with organic Austrian beef. Your burger comes with a side of french fries or salad, or for an extra €2 you can substitute them for sweet potato fries or onion rings. One of their dessert offerings of cheesecake was still cooling, so I settled for something that was a cross between Nutella panna cotta and pudding. It also featured surprise sprinklings of pop rocks candy! It was so nostalgic.

Two more great things about this place? It’s NON-SMOKING and the staff are really friendly. Both are hard to come by here in Vienna.


Chiq Chaq
Nußdorfer Straße  7
Tue-Sun 11 am – 12 am
Kitchen break: 3:00-5:00pm

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