Depeche Mode in Concert

I’ve never been to a real concert before. Well, I’ve been to one in 2001, but a boy band concert from the 90’s doesn’t really count. When the opportunity arose to see Depeche Mode, we jumped at the chance to see them live. Actually, Hubs surprised me with tickets Tuesday night for Valentine’s day. If I don’t say this enough, I married myself a good one!

The opening act was a band called The Soft Moon. We had no knowledge of them, but they turned out pretty decent. What was weird was there weren’t many lyrics and they were hard to understand. It sounded like they were singing into a Public Announcement system. We were worried for a second that it would be like that throughout the show. Thankfully, that was not the case. The show was awesome. A great mix of songs off the new album and the classics that Hubs and I really wanted to go see them for. It was a sold out show. I didn’t realize there were so many fans in Austria.

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so excited!

so excited!

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And here’s a video that I took when Depeche Mode played one of my favorites!


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One thought on “Depeche Mode in Concert

  1. Fun! Our son was at the concert last night with friends, too. He wasn’t too keen on the opening act, but otherwise had a great evening. We old folks opted for a night of Olympics viewing o the television. 🙂

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