Wiener Eistraum

During the months of January through early March, the area in front of the Rathaus transforms into 75,000 square foot ice skating rinks and paths. It looks like a winter wonderland and named one of the world’s coolest skating rinks (according to Travel & Leisure magazine). We had just arrived when it opened last year and were invited by friends, but with moving and settling in- we never got the chance. Hubs and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity this year. It was the second time in my life skating, so I was one of those holding on for dear life with one hand on the wall and Hubs held the other. It was a fun date night and we would love to take the time to go more next year when it re-opens.

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One thought on “Wiener Eistraum

  1. Wonderful view, pleasant music, great ice-skating skating rink, and my personal guilty pleasure: their extraordinary puntsch! Indeed the Rathaus Eistraum was one of my nicest experiences I had in Vienna!
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

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