Tasty Tuesdays: Pure Living Cafe

After many great finds in the 7th district, it’s beginning to become one of my favorite areas to explore and hang out. It’s a very hipster and young part of town. When you walk into Pure Living Cafe in the 7th district of Vienna, it’s like walking into a place that could easily be the design love child of Rachel Ashwell and Martha Stewart. It’s the epitome of shabby chic. I immediately felt welcomed with the friendly staff and the huge assortment of goodies. For € 7 and some change, I got a big cup of melange (they serve it with whipped cream here) and a slice of Oreo cake. Both were excellent. I love how the pastries here in Vienna are not sickeningly sweet, compared to what you might find in the US. While enjoying my treats and a book, I noticed that they made milkshakes there, too. I immediately thought of Hubs and will be bring him back to try one. You may wonder what’s the big deal about milkshakes? It’s been hard to find someplace that makes a real ‘”American” milkshake, and just the thought of the possibility makes me so excited. I’ll be back to this amazingly cute cafe and may even become a regular, because I loved it that much!

001 002

003 004


008 006

There are two locations:

Pure Living Cafe (7th district)
Neubaugasse 68

Pure Living Bakery (13th district- original location)
Altgasse 12

Mo. – Fr.: 9:30 – 19:00
Sa.: 10:00 – 18:00

4 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesdays: Pure Living Cafe

  1. I’m not so convinced that “Pure Living” and “milkshakes” necessarily go together. 😉 Our son is the milkshake connoisseur in the family, though, so I’ve pointed him toward this reported mecca. Thanks for sharing!

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