Tasty Tuesdays: Tart’a Tata

Tart’a Tata is a cosy (read: tiny) cafe in the 7th. It can be easily missed. I actually went into the Gasthaus next door and sat down before realizing I was in the wrong place. The cafe itself has three tiny tables inside, so I would say that it’s more of a take-away than a sit down to relax and read place.  Regardless, the selection is worth checking out and the Chef Pâtissier is actually French.  I ordered a nice strawberry tart and it was refreshing for a day like today. The tart had just a touch of sweetness and the crust was perfect.  If you frequent Café Français in the 9th district, you may have already had a taste of some of the pastries-as some are brought in from this little gem of a place!


 010 009

008 006

003 007


Tart’a Tata
Lindengasse 35 (7th district)
M-S 8:00- 19:00
Closed on Sundays




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