Tasty Tuesdays: 12 Munchies

I ventured a little off the beaten path and stumbled upon 12 Munchies. It’s a cute little place in the 18th district. There’s probably only seating for maybe five or six people. The lady behind the counter was extremely friendly  and even though the offerings were not as vast as some other places I’ve been to-it was easy to tell a lot of love and pride went into every single baked good. Even on a summery day like today, I ordered a melange and paired it with my raspberry vanilla cupcake. The cupcake was perfect, although I’d prefer my icing a tad less sweet.  Plus, I’m usually in it for the cake, the frosting is just an added bonus.

I’m beginning to LOVE these types of places. Not only are they small and quirky, but there’s a personal touch to each of them which I find so comforting. They are diamonds in the rough, dotted around the city, which aren’t commercialized and definitely not touristy.


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12 Munchies
Gentzgasse 110 (18th district)
Monday-Saturday: 9:00-16:00
Closed Sundays



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