Tasty Tuesdays: Triple Delight

For those who reside in Vienna, know that Joseph Brot is a very popular and can be quite an expensive bakery. They have a bakery in the 1st as well as a bakery/cafe in the 3rd district.  They pride themselves in being organic, using local ingredients, and turning it into something simple and delicious. Not only did I get my usual Tasty Tuesday pastry and hot drink, I had a two course lunch along with it. Not too surprising, everything from my starter to main dish was excellent. And though it was super busy, the service was quite good. My server came by at least five times during the course of the hour. Shocking for Vienna (not an understatement!). Their breads and other baked goods, for take away, can get pretty pricey on a daily basis.  However, I highly recommend going for one of their weekly lunch specials.

 006 007

009 008

001 002

003 005

Joseph – Bäckerei Patisserie Bistro (3rd district)
 Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4
Monday-Saturday 07:00- 21:00
Sunday and holidays 07:30- 21:00

Joseph – Brot vom Pheinsten (1st disrict)
Naglergasse 9
Montag -Friday 07:00-19:00
Saturday 08:00- 18:00

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