Irresistible Italy: Capri

Getting to Capri from the Amalfi Coast is fairly easy. You can hire a small boat that can hold up to 6 people or, commercial passenger ferry. We took the smaller one which took us around the island of Capri and then let us off at the marina to explore. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I am very prone to motion sickness – on all forms of transportation. I took the necessary precautions of sea bands and Bonine, but in the end, none of that worked. For the first two hours of our Capri tour by boat, I was slumped over the edge of the boat ready to upchuck. Moving made things worse, so I had my eyes closed, and thought, “when the heck is this part going to be over?”. Once we were on land, things were fine and I was instructed not to eat for the rest of the day. Not like I would be in the mood to even think about food anyway.

We spent most of our time in Ana Capri. Although somewhat touristy, it was nothing like the crowds in Capri (city and Island share the same name) and we avoided that altogether. Hubs and I took the single chair lifts up to the tallest peak on the island and enjoyed the views of the famous three sister rock formations and did a bit of shopping. Little did I know that I stumbled upon one of the famous sandal makers situated in a little alley. I couldn’t resist, and picked from the plethora of designs. It was literally like a playground for any shoe lover. Antonio Viva is the sandal maker and he’s been featured on television and has made sandals for Sophie Loren and Jackie O. It took about twenty minutes to assemble and fit perfectly to my feet. All materials used are Italian made, too.  Now, whenever I wear those sandals, memories of Capri will come flooding back in.

***Pictures taken from the water were all courtesy of Hubs (I told him to take them and ignore me) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Irresistible Italy: Capri

  1. Having spent seven summers on Cape Cod before moving to a landlocked country (😔), I can say the shoes definitely have the Jackie-O spirit. Good choice.

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