Tradition Substitution

I love metropolitan cities. It sends my senses into overdrive. Since we live in a country where English is not the primary spoken language, London holds an even more special place in my heart, now. Last year, it helped with homesickness. We used to visit NYC each year, just before Christmas, to see all the decorations and lights.  This year, we’ll bring our  tradition to this side of the Atlantic and maintain it as long as we’re on this side of the world.  I love visiting London. I love being able to read all the signs, get around, and openly converse with the locals without a struggle. It’s like a much needed palette cleanse for the mind.

We had a great time having high tea (how proper!), seeing a show on the West End, and enjoying cuisines that we’ve missed. Hubs and I feel refreshed and already contemplating our return to this amazing city.


005 london4


009 london5010

london3 002 007IMG_136244343072351

IMAG0528 IMAG0529013 027 028 032

014 019

015 017

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