Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Helsinki

I really liked Helsinki.  From the food, to the people, it was great fun. Our private guide was actually from Austria and living there for her University studies. She showed us the typical touristy sights and then some of the off-the-beaten path places. My favorite tourist attraction was the Church in the Rock.  Originally, the site was excavated prior to WW2 for a conventional (by European standards) church.  Some time after WW2, they decided to go another direction with the church and they built it in a rock.  The rock provides great acoustics, and when it rains there are small waterfalls down the inside of the rock wall – which is part of the design.  We thought it would be a really neat thing to see in action.

Hubs and I got to try munkii (Finnish donuts)  and Lohikeitto (salmon soup) and both were divine! I think I could be happy living off those two dishes for the rest of my life, if I had to.

No visit to Finland would be complete without a pit stop to the Moomin and Angry Birds stores. I couldn’t resist getting something from the Moomin store, although I decided to pass on the Angry Birds merchandise.

We also stopped by a former prison which has been converted into a beautiful hotel. It was pretty neat to see some “preserved” cells. The neighborhoods and harbor were so interesting to walk around as well. Overall, Helsinki would be worth going back for a quick weekend trip.


inside the church in the rock

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