Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Tallinn

Tallinn is best described as a small medieval port town. I found it extremely adorable. We spent the first half of our day touring the Presidential palace, ruins of the Pirita Convent, and the largest waterfall in Estonia.  Near the ruins, we went to a small Estonian national museum, but not to view what was inside.  Our guide led us around toward the back of the museum…we were a little nervous.  However, what we found were numerous statues, markers, and propaganda sculptures from the Soviet era.  Hubs loves learning anything that has to do with WW2 and Soviet-Russia.  The Estonians view the relics as trash – literally.  They don’t understand why anyone would want to look at them.  We found it fascinating seeing large Stalin and Lenin statues back there.  Why are they outside, behind the museum? Like I said, they’re “trash”, when the Soviet Union fell the area behind the museum became a dumping ground for these things.  Now, smaller tours stop by this area often to see the items of a bygone era.

For lunch, we went back into old town and found a really cute “old timey” like place. Too cute for words! Hubs and I then spent the rest of the time wandering the cobble stoned streets and alleyways.


386 385 381


377 376 374

395 394

398 396 414 401 400 406 409 416 418








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