Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Copenhagen (Part One)

I’ve saved the best for last, and coincidentally, happened that way due to chronological order of ports we visited. Hubs and I had no expectations about Copenhagen, but we absolutely LOVED this city! So much so, that I have to talk about this amazing city in two posts! We spent four days there and it was a great ending to a wonderful trip.

Since we’d be spending our last overnight with the ship, we decided to take part in one of their excursions to the outskirts of town. That way, we could then focus on Copenhagen for the remainder of our time. I’m a sucker for castles, so we went to visit both the Frederiksborg Slot and Kronborg Slot (a.k.a Hamlet’s Castle).  It wouldn’t have been an easy feat to try to get to these places with public transit, so we were thrilled to have everything done for us and all we had to do was just enjoy the gorgeous sights.


498 499 501 502 503 504 506 508 509 510 512 516 517 520 524 526 528 529 530 531 536 540 543


I only took exterior pictures at Kronborg, because the interior was very plain and boring compared to Frederiksborg. 



557 561 562 564 565 566 567 568

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