A Night to Remember

Last night was another “pinch me” moment. Hubs and I attended the IAEA Ball at the Hofburg Palace. As we entered the palace, it felt like we were stepping into a fairytale surrounded by beautiful architecture and ambience. There were several rooms that played different types music, so you could roam around and dance to classical, disco, hiphop, reggae, or pop music. It was quite impressive.

Did you know that the Viennese waltz is one of the hardest dances to learn and perform well? I had no idea! It looked so easy with couples twirling around in circles. However, we did see a few couples take a tumble. It was also wise not to be standing on or near on the dance floor, because you’d literally get run over by couples waltzing by.

My favorite part of the evening was spending time with good friends and realizing how lucky we were to be at a ball, at a palace, in Vienna, on another continent.

IMG_20150207_111519 IMG_5113


IMG_5087 IMG_5093

IMG_5095 IMG_5111


IMG_5099 IMG_5109

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