Life Lately: New Beginnings

It’s been nearly five months since Hubs and I experienced an extreme loss. I can tell you that for the first two months, we were operating on “survival mode”. Food didn’t taste like anything, I didn’t leave the house unless I was forced to, and the numbness that went with it all. We were grieving, and heavily. But, during that time, we had an outpouring of support from our network of people here. People made us cookies, helped us prepare meals, sent beautifully hand written cards/emails, constant texts just seeing if we were okay, and some even made home visits just to keep me company.

Even with all that was going on with us emotionally, a lot of things have happened since. We met up with my in-laws in Italy for a week at the end of March, I went on a girls weekend in late April to Amsterdam with my best friend here in Vienna. We went mainly for the tulips and art. Most recently, Hubs and I made a trip home to visit family and friends for two weeks at the beginning of the month.

All of those memorable experiences were amazing and then things really changed over course of the two weeks while we were home. It’s no surprise that in the three years we’ve lived here, I’ve tried to find work in a very limited and competitive job market for expats. I had given up and was in the midst of starting a small business when I got that life changing email. I received an email to schedule an interview a few days before we were leaving to visit the US, I went, and the day before we left I was offered the position! Knowing how things have worked out for me in the past, I was still skeptical that something could change that without having an official offer. Hubs and I still went to the US on the premise that we’d be shopping for work clothes for me while we were home. Because, let’s face it, Europe doesn’t really have “petite” sections.  When we were home, I even had to special order size 5 (35 eu) work shoes for my, as Hubs says, “freakishly small, I mean delicate, feet”. Two days before we left the states, I finally had the official offer which I accepted only moments later. Thank you, Jesus!

And so I started a new chapter the day after we came back to Vienna. It didn’t matter that I was jet-lagged and exhausted. It was something that I figured would never happen and an amazingly rare opportunity. I know this may sound ridiculous to most of you, but I feel like Hershey had a hand in these turn of events, wherever he may be.

To new beginnings! And may it be the game changer I’ve been working towards.

IMG_6890 IMG_6912

IMG_6943 IMG_6956




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