Bucket List: Travel Edition

1) Road trip to the south of France, during Lavender season, and checking out all the beautiful small villages along the way.

2) Driving along the west coast of Italy including the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, and all the little towns in between.

4) Ireland

5) Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden

7) Copenhagen, Denmark

8) Lisbon, Portugal

9) Jordan

10) Morocco

11) Istanbul, Turkey

12) Iceland

13) Helsinki, Finland

14) Krakow, Poland

15) Dubrovnik, Croatia

16) Lake Bled, Slovenia

17) Romania

18) Capetown, South Africa

19) Tanzania

20) road trip through Spain

21) Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

22) Sicily

and the list will continue to grow…

One thought on “Bucket List: Travel Edition

  1. If you visit Helsinki, then I absolutely must be there as your guide. ❤ That road trip to Southern France is on my most wanted list as well. We were supposed to do it 3 years ago, but it did not work out.

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