View from school After two weeks here, I know I have to learn German at lightening speed if I want to feel “at home” and not a forever tourist for the next three years. As mentioned in a previous post,  I bought Rosetta Stone and it really hasn’t helped as much as I would like.…

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Home SWEET Home (Part One- before)

Details- Mezzanine style top floor flat(two levels, but you can’t see down from the second) beautiful detailed hardwood floors updated kitchen One bedroom TWO FULL bathrooms (a rarity in this city) TWO terraces  lots of storage (another rarity) lots of windows    Entry Kitchen Terrace right off the kitchen Looking into the living/dining area from…

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Appliance Adventure

We got the keys to our flat today!  Before moving here, we had to get rid of a lot of our small appliances due to the voltage difference. Thankfully, we had gracious friends and family who gave them new homes. So after obtaining our keys today, we went out to buy a few to bring…

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Our dog has many personalities and we truly lucked out with adopting him two years ago. We can’t imagine our lives without this lump of joy! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, wherever you are 🙂 Aren’t you going to share that with me? He sometimes thinks he’s a cat… What a hard life…

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It was my second day visiting the U.N. complex, and I’ve been blown away each time. To be in the same vicinity with some of the most intelligent minds around the world, has been truly inspirational. The commissary on the grounds was quite impressive too. It will help us save some money on toiletries, cleaning…

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It’s been ten days since I’ve had any means of communication, except for the Internet. It’s been rough! I never thought to be one of those people who absolutely needed a handy ( term for mobile phone here). It’s more of a convenience thing than anything else. For instance, I’ve had to communicate with potential…

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Residence Registration

Even though we have not been handed over the keys to our flat, we still have to register ourselves into the system. Its purpose is to connect us with the postal service and used as proof that we live in the flat. We’ve lucked out that our landlord is fluent in German and English, because…

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After spending the last few days flat hunting, we finally found “the one”! I had scheduled us to see Flat #1 the day after we arrived. We did the usual look around and spoke with the owner and left. However, we stood on the other side of the street for a good ten minutes and…

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Today was our first dining out experience and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We were on our third day of house hunting and Naschmarkt was a few steps from Flat # 3. It’s a famous market here in Vienna. If you are a culinary foodie like myself, this place is stomach heaven. There’s everything from exotic spices…

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While on our house hunting search today, we came across these beauties that literally took my breath away… St Stephan’s Cathedral- the mother church of the Archdiocese of Vienna The square that leads up to Stephansdom Another picture of the ‘Platz”

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