Better Than A Car

When people found that we were moving to Vienna without a car, some were shocked and were wondering how on earth would we get around. To be honest, I never liked public transportation. Today was my first experience using the “Wienerlinien” system and WOW!  The approximately 582 mile route network is comprised of 5 underground…

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We’re Here!

After months of anticipation and anxiety, we are finally here in Vienna! The flight went by so quickly and I honestly think it had to do with the fact that we were in business class. Hubs and I both agreed that we could get used to that kind of service. So we are in a…

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I sold my car today. The transaction itself took no more than 20 minutes. Just like that, the vehicle that took me from place to place for the last eight years was no longer mine. I shed a few tears. Pookie was my first brand new car and has been through many life events with…

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Becoming Quadrilingual

Besides the obvious preparations for an overseas move, I had to come to terms with needing to learn yet another language! Growing up, I never really appreciated the languages that have become like second nature to me now. English wasn’t my first language. I only learned through my older sister and when I was officially…

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What’s In A Name?

After finding out that Hubs and I were moving to Vienna, Austria back in November, I knew I wanted to start a blog about the adventures we were about to embark. However, it has taken me awhile to invent a name that stuck and described me in two words. It couldn’t be Vienna based either,…

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